The right way to eat and How to cook

The best way of eating for health

How do we eat:

Food should always be hot. Do not drink water with food. Drink water after half an hour after eating. Never stand and drink water. Do not drink more cold water. Water should always be a little hot
The right way to eat and How to cook
The right way to eat and How to cook

The right way to eat

Always eat food comfortably. Eating should take at least half an hour. Chew the food chew well and eat it. Try to eat food at certain times. Do not watch TV mobile while eating food. Do not read the newspaper. At the time of accounting, your attention should be in the food. Do not talk while eating food.
Get some rest after lunch. At least half an hour. After eating dinner, you should walk a bit.

Food should always be changed by:

One day with lentils
One day with a vegetable
One day with chicken
One day with mutton
I mean to say that whatever you eat should change by changing it
Eat milk cooked rice once a week

Do you eat salad:

Salad should always be eaten before eating. Never eat salads with food. Do not put lemon juice over the salad
how to make a healthy salad for weight loss
Do you eat salad

*Always keep one thing in mind:
We eat food to stay alive, we are not alive to eat

What are you eating:

Do not eat more than the limit. Keep these things in mind while eating. What are you going to eat? He will give strength to your body. Which our body needs. She is inside our food. Those vitamins, minerals, proteins should be our body. Is he inside our food

You try:

The right way to eat and How to cook:-  

not eat the food kept in the fridge. Do not put the food in the fridge. Eat freshly cooked food
Cook the food on a low flame. Do not cook food in the pressure cooker. Because pressure cooker ignites food, does not cook.
When cooking, keep in mind that sunlight should be inside your kitchen and oxygen should be equal

Do not eat outside food:

Do not eat fast food at all times
Do not eat outside food
Do not eat outside food
Sweet food
Stay away from eating spicy food
Do not use things made of fine flour
Try not to eat all the time that demands your tongue
Your life is very precious, keep your attention

You are a common man for the world but you are very special for your family

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