International Forever Living Products/History of F.L.P.

International Forever Living Products/History of F.L.P.

Forever Living Products:

Forever Living Products International, Inc. (FLPI) Forever Living Products is an international company, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona! Who sells aloe vera and manufactured cosmetics, nutritious supplements, and personal care products! The name of the company which is briefly called FLP (Forever Living Product). Chairman of the Board Chief Executive Officer "Rex Mann" Rex is the CEO of Forever Chairman, President and Director of Forever Group in the monsoon discipline and CEO of Forever Living Products International! Those who are direct sales, agriculture, manufacturing, laser, property, Working in livestock and charity matters,


This company was established in 1978. For more than 37 years, the FLP has been engaged in finding the best sources of natural beauty and reaching the world for healthcare. Instead of mixing four to five drops of aloe vera in their products, take the pure, fresh 100% stabilized aloe vera behind the FL and then put other components into it. In other words, F.L.P. The main ingredient in the products is 100% stabilized aloe vera gel. Forever Living Product (FLP) story starts with a person and his dream has been searching for a road for business for many years that could fulfill two goals of his life. : -First people get good health and get the freedom to earn another! In 1978 they invited 43 people in the meeting Arizona and the beginning of a journey which A reached incredible milestone of success. Forever Living Products (FLP) From a dream of millions of people, the speed of our products was transformed fast and our different types of simplicity meant that every person wanted to improve the quality of his life! Forever Living Products and its Afphilts are the biggest distributors of Aloe vera growing in the world and have crossed the 2.5 marks in retail sales worldwide! In this business, he has done just $ 3 trillion in sales of 37 years! F.L.P. In addition to its own 7,000 acres of farms (which is located in the Rio Grande do Sul in the Dominican Republic and Mexico), advanced technologically-friendly climate produces Olvera, in addition to the Rio Grande Valley, Southern Texas, and the Dominican Republic, F.L.P. in parts Has its own Aloe Vera plantation and the nursing process of its growing process goes a lot in supervision. The whole process from seedling to crop production, and finally product distribution, F. L. P. is done by itself. It does not have to depend on anyone else for supply or production. In the early part of 1986, the F.L.P. The Aloe vera prison, Aloe vera Juice, and Nector were first not only found in accordance with the high standards of the International Aloe Science Council, but were declared better, and it was also allowed that they could show the seal of evidence on their products. Framework Living products believe in violence-free life and therefore produce products that are not tested on animals. The product of the FLP is certified by the Kosher rating. To get this important rating, a representative is present in the "Rabai" Certified Laboratory and closely examines the flow of the plant, the formula, the whole process, and the components. After that, the rating is allocated. This symbol is an assurance that this product is the best in the world. Certain products of the FLP have been certified by the Islamic Society of California, that they meet all the requirements of product quality and are acceptable in society. F.L.P. India is proud to be a member of the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDA). F.L.P. India's annual growth up to 62% last year and crossed the $ 2.5 billion mark in retail sales in the world. There are more than 9.5 million distributors in 150+ countries.

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