What is unbalanced nutrition and balanced nutrition

Disadvantages of Unbalanced Nutrition

Being unbalanced from any element in the body can lead to many types of general, serious diseases
1. Hair whitening and hair fall
2. Weak sight
3. Wrinkles and lifeless skin
4. Decrease in immunity
5. Tiredness, weakness, irritability, stress, heart disease, diabetes-related illnesses
6. Weak bones, muscles, and teeth
7. Deficiency and decrease in workforce
8. Diseases of the digestive tract and stomach

What should we eat as per the food pyramid:

according to experts:-

The right way to eat and How to cook

us 300-450 g vegetables 300-600 g fruit milk-curd and 300-450g Grains, beans, peas seeds etc. should be taken per day

Vegetarians should eat more pulses and dry fruits.

What do we eat?

Habitually, we eat fried and fast food which gives us excessive fat and carbohydrate. Fruits and vegetables, we eat less.
balanced nutrition

How many essential nutrients do we absorb?
Due to increasing age, indigestion, diseases, and dietary restrictions, tea, coffee or alcohol intake, we can not properly absorb nutrients from our diet.

But getting the whole nutrition from a diet is not so easy:

Challenges in getting complete nutrition from diet:

• Use of chemicals in agriculture
• Mixing food items
• Defective and inappropriate diet reduction
• Fried and junk food
• Environmental pollution
What is the solution?
Benefits of drinking Aloe vera juice

We have a solution

The boon of nature, the power of science

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