is there poison inside our body-Where comes from, poison in our body

Is there poison inside our body

In order to understand Detoxification, we first need to understand what is 


Today in our society the diseases are spreading badly all around. Once the disease takes place in the body, it does not take the name of the go. BP Diseases such as sugar, migraine, and even a million medicines increases after eating. In the end, it takes a formidable form, if we talk about making acetic acid or constipation in the stomach, it is also not good. We keep changing doctors throughout our life, but the disease is not permanently cured. Ever wondered, Where did the diseases come from? The root cause of all these diseases is( TOXIN)poison. See how our body works from inside - click
is there poison inside our body-Where comes from, poison in our body

Where comes from,
poison in our body?
We have not eaten poison ever since our understanding. This poison is going in our body with air, water and food three, One reason is our lifestyles being distorted The big number belongs to those people, who ate enough food at night, And fell asleep quickly Foods eat according to the taste of the tongue. 
That's why we eat whatever. He does not digest completely and sticks in our intestines as the stool. It is so strong that no Madison does not affect it. This stool is called toxin or poison. ALOE VERA completely eliminates this poison from here and helps in repairing the poison that has damaged our cells. Similarly, it extends to the extreme extent of approximately 200 diseases. Even today, in the age of 30-40 years people are suffering from joint pain, they also benefit quite a lot, while there is no treatment in the world of joint pain.

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