how does the muscular system work

The main elements that run the body smoothly

The Body texture is very complex! Masks found in the body, skin, hair, eyes, bones, blood, etc. are made up of many elements, including many types of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, water, and other elements!

According to scientists, there are 100 types of proteins, 13 types of vitamins and 14 types of minerals in our body! There are more elements in the body [Macro nutrients] in quantity, but everyone has their own importance - the elements found in the microscopic are equally important as they are found in greater quantity! Therefore, for all good health, It is necessary to balance the body!
Carbohydrates give energy to different parts of the body, while proteins and minerals work to create various organs like blood, bones, skin, hair and internal organs!

In our body every day these parts are restored! Our body produces 200 billion red blood cells and the entire blood of the body gets converted in 120 days! Similarly, in our 30 to 90 days our skin becomes new! Vitamins and minerals act as catalysts which convert food into energy and help in the formation of organs!

Whenever there is a shortage of carbohydrates [energy] in our body, then we are hungry and we fulfill them with food, but if our body lacks vitamins and minerals, then they are diagnosed only after illness! If we continue to be aware of Vitamins and Minerals regularly, we can defend ourselves against serious diseases.
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