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Toothpaste one, many benefits
PERFORMANCE (Other Toothpaste Contain Clay as Filler Material)

The world's only toothpaste is 100% herbal and vegetarian.

FOREVER BRIGHT-forever bright aloe vera tooth gel:

The area to use

1. If there is blood in the gums, then use it on the gums to stop
2. If you have a bark in the mouth, apply it to them.
3. If a toothache is a cavity then use it in the affected area
4. Use on blisters and skin burns
5. Use for cutting and wounding.
6. For smokers. Use on the lips.
forever bright tooth gel benefits
7. Teeth have irritation with cold or hot water. There are insects in the teeth. Syria Teeth have become black yellow. At night before sleeping Use on teeth.
8. To clean the face, normally use it as a facial way.
9. Externally to stop cracks in the edges of the leg Use it
10. Piles. Externally Use it.
11. Use to prevent scabies in the feet.
12. If the smell comes from the mouth then use it.
13. Bites of mosquitoes, insects, bees,
On. Use it.
14. For the prevention of acne. Use it.
15. Winter. common cold. Upon having a fever Put in hot water and drink it.

16. If coughing then use it inside the throat

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